HTTP Routing Table

GET /metrics
GET /servers List all servers
GET /servers/{server_id} List a server
GET /servers/{server_id}/autoprimaries Get a list of autoprimaries
GET /servers/{server_id}/search-data Search the data inside PowerDNS
GET /servers/{server_id}/statistics Query statistics.
GET /servers/{server_id}/tsigkeys Get all TSIGKeys on the server, except the actual key
GET /servers/{server_id}/tsigkeys/{tsigkey_id} Get a specific TSIGKeys on the server, including the actual key
GET /servers/{server_id}/zones List all Zones in a server
GET /servers/{server_id}/zones/{zone_id} zone managed by a server
GET /servers/{server_id}/zones/{zone_id}/cryptokeys Get all CryptoKeys for a zone, except the privatekey
GET /servers/{server_id}/zones/{zone_id}/cryptokeys/{cryptokey_id} Returns all data about the CryptoKey, including the privatekey.
GET /servers/{server_id}/zones/{zone_id}/export Returns the zone in AXFR format.
GET /servers/{server_id}/zones/{zone_id}/metadata Get all the Metadata associated with the zone.
GET /servers/{server_id}/zones/{zone_id}/metadata/{metadata_kind} Get the content of a single kind of domain metadata as a Metadata object.
POST /servers/{server_id}/autoprimaries Add an autoprimary
POST /servers/{server_id}/tsigkeys Add a TSIG key
POST /servers/{server_id}/zones Creates a new domain, returns the Zone on creation.
POST /servers/{server_id}/zones/{zone_id}/cryptokeys Creates a Cryptokey
POST /servers/{server_id}/zones/{zone_id}/metadata Creates a set of metadata entries
PUT /servers/{server_id}/cache/flush Flush a cache-entry by name
PUT /servers/{server_id}/tsigkeys/{tsigkey_id} null
PUT /servers/{server_id}/zones/{zone_id} Modifies basic zone data.
PUT /servers/{server_id}/zones/{zone_id}/axfr-retrieve Retrieve slave zone from its master.
PUT /servers/{server_id}/zones/{zone_id}/cryptokeys/{cryptokey_id} This method (de)activates a key from zone_name specified by cryptokey_id
PUT /servers/{server_id}/zones/{zone_id}/metadata/{metadata_kind} Replace the content of a single kind of domain metadata.
PUT /servers/{server_id}/zones/{zone_id}/notify Send a DNS NOTIFY to all slaves.
PUT /servers/{server_id}/zones/{zone_id}/rectify Rectify the zone data.
DELETE /servers/{server_id}/autoprimaries/{ip}/{nameserver} Delete the autoprimary entry
DELETE /servers/{server_id}/tsigkeys/{tsigkey_id} Delete the TSIGKey with tsigkey_id
DELETE /servers/{server_id}/zones/{zone_id} Deletes this zone, all attached metadata and rrsets.
DELETE /servers/{server_id}/zones/{zone_id}/cryptokeys/{cryptokey_id} This method deletes a key specified by cryptokey_id.
DELETE /servers/{server_id}/zones/{zone_id}/metadata/{metadata_kind} Delete all items of a single kind of domain metadata.
PATCH /servers/{server_id}/zones/{zone_id} Creates/modifies/deletes RRsets present in the payload and their comments. Returns 204 No Content on success.