The server endpoint is the ‘basis’ for all other API operations. In the PowerDNS Authoritative Server, the server_id is always localhost. However, the API is written in a way that a proxy could be in front of many servers, each with their own server_id.


GET /servers

List all servers

Status Codes:
GET /servers/{server_id}

List a server

  • server_id (string) – The id of the server to retrieve
Status Codes:


Object Properties:
  • type (string) – Set to “Server”
  • id (string) – The id of the server, “localhost”
  • daemon_type (string) – “recursor” for the PowerDNS Recursor and “authoritative” for the Authoritative Server
  • version (string) – The version of the server software
  • url (string) – The API endpoint for this server
  • config_url (string) – The API endpoint for this server’s configuration
  • zones_url (string) – The API endpoint for this server’s zones