PowerDNS Authoritative Nameserver

The PowerDNS Authoritative Server is a versatile nameserver which supports a large number of backends. These backends can either be plain zone files or be more dynamic in nature.

PowerDNS has the concepts of ‘backends’. A backend is a datastore that the server will consult that contains DNS records (and some metadata). The backends range from database backends (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and BIND zone files to co-processes and JSON API’s.

Multiple backends can be enabled in the configuration by using the launch option. Each backend can be configured separately.

See the backend documentation for more information.

This documentation is also available as a PDF document.

Getting Support

PowerDNS is an open source program so you may get help from the PowerDNS users’ community or from its authors. You may also help others (please do).

Public support is available via several different channels:

The Open-Xchange/PowerDNS company can provide help or support you in private as well. Please contact Open-Xchange.

My information is confidential, must I send it to the mailing list, discuss it on IRC, or post it in a GitHub ticket?

Yes, we have a support policy called “Open Source Support: out in the open”.

If you desire privacy, please consider entering a support relationship with us, in which case we invite you to contact Open-Xchange.

I have a question!

This happens, we’re here to help! Read below on how you can get help

What details should I supply?

Start out with stating what you think should be happening. Quite often, wrong expectations are the actual problem. Furthermore, your operating system, which version of PowerDNS you use and where you got it from (RPM, .DEB, tar.bz2). If you compiled it yourself, what were the ./configure parameters.

If possible, supply the actual name of your domain and the IP address of your server(s).

I found a bug!

As much as we’d like to think we are perfect, bugs happen. If you have found a bug, please file a bug report on GitHub. Please fill in the template and we’ll try our best to help you.

I found a security issue!

Please report this in private, see the PowerDNS Security Policy.

I have a good idea for a feature!

We like to work on new things! You can file a feature request on GitHub.