RPZ Statistics endpoint

New in version 4.1.2.

GET /api/v1/servers/:server_id/rpzstatistics

Query PowerDNS for Response Policy Zones statistics.

Statistics are mapped per configured RPZ zone. The statistics are:

Last_update:UNIX timestamp when the latest update was received
Records:Number of records in the RPZ
Serial:Current SOA serial of the RPZ zone
 Number of times a transfer failed
Transfers_full:Number of times an AXFR succeeded
 Number of times an AXFR or IXFR succeeded

Example response:

  "myRPZ": {
    "last_update": 1521798212,
    "records": 1343149,
    "serial": 5489,
    "transfers_failed": 0,
    "transfers_full": 3,
    "transfers_success": 478